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Cloud Healthcare App and Services Marketplace Includes Technology to Stabilize Cash Flow, Get Paid Faster, and Improve Revenue Cycle Management.

Englewood, NJ – Apr. 14, 2015 – Alleon Healthcare Capital (“Alleon”) today announced it has joined the ADP® AdvancedMD® Marketplace to help private medical practices attain working capital needed to stabilize cash flow and receive reimbursements within 48 hours of claim submission.

Alleon’s focus is on medical providers that are unable to secure financing through traditional sources such as banks or credit unions.  It offers medical accounts receivables lines of credit, cash flow loans, term loans, and medical accounts receivable purchases to any provider in the U.S.  With Alleon’s programs medical providers are able to expand, stabilize cash flow, resolve special situations and improve the revenue cycle process.

Alleon Healthcare Capital has partnered with ADP AdvancedMD, a leader in practice management, and pioneer of Big Data reporting for smaller medical practices. The Marketplace allows independent medical practices to extend the power of ADP AdvancedMD with cloud apps and services to build a better practice.

“We created the AdvancedMD Marketplace to provide our clients with the most comprehensive selection of leading tools and services, and the goal of an efficient workflow for their practice,” said Shane Curtis, VP of Business Development. “Our objective has always been to make our technologies more flexible, more insightful and ultimately, more unified with the simplicity that practices need to manage a technology ecosystem with minimal IT knowledge or involvement.”

“We are thrilled to be part of the AdvancedMD Marketplace as it is undoubtedly a great resource for medical providers,” said Leon Chernyavsky, Alleon’s Managing Partner.  “Reimbursements and revenue cycle management are hot topics in the industry and we are happy to offer our working capital products to a wide audience of AdvancedMD clients.”

“Alleon provided us both with an initial capital infusion that allowed us to get ahead of our operating cash-flow needs, as well as with the ability to budget our on-going cash needs…” said Catherine Dulle, President of CareLinc Options, LLC.

The Marketplace includes more than 60 products and services, selected for their ability to improve the productivity of practices using AdvancedMD software. More than two-thirds of the products are from third-party companies, such as Alleon Healthcare Capital, which provides cash flow solutions to healthcare providers.

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